Welcome! Are you looking to learn and/or improve your Dutch? I can help you with that! I am teaching both people that don’t speak Dutch (yet), as well as Dutch people that want to improve their spelling skills. In a group or private lessons, on whichever level you have. If you know what you want, I will see how we can make that happen. And if you have some trouble formulating… I might be able to help you!

My name is Marjon Reinders. I have studied Dutch language and literature at the University of Utrecht. I have graduated in 1989 in Medieval literature and I wrote my dissertation on Amazones in a Mid-Dutch encyclopedia originating from about 1270 A.D. Subsequently I taught Dutch at a secondary school for about 1,5 years. After that I founded a dancing school, the first in Utrecht to teach Argentine tango. As such I have worked as a professional dancer and teacher in my own company Tango El Gancho. In addition, I took on managing a dance studio center from 2006 onwards. But, after dancing for about 25 years the urge to dust off ‘language’ again became irresistible. Since 2012 I am teaching Dutch as a second language, for several larger clients and with my own company, Marioneta (which is by the way the name of an Argentinian tango). I am married and I have two children; together with my husband we have four. We live in a beautiful house in Utrecht, where I have my own classroom to teach.

I am a certified teacher of Dutch as a second language (November 14th, 2016) and I hold a first degree teachers license in Dutch language.  I am a member of the BvNt2 (a union of teachers of Dutch as a second language)