I really enjoyed my 6 months with Marjon. Marjon keeps her students engaged and stimulated in the process of learning Dutch by using a variety of teaching techniques and preparing interesting activities for the class. She is also very attentive, and is prepared to provide solutions to adapt lesson structures and set assignments that work for her students. I now feel prepared to take the staatsexamen!
Maggie, Australia

Marjon Reinders really is a very good teacher. First my husband (who is English) and later also I (I am Italian) had Dutch lessons from her. We are extremely satisfied with her course, method and way of teaching in general. What makes her so good as a language teacher? First, she is competent and professional, but even more important is her attitude. Many teachers can teach Dutch, but few of them can communicate with this much enthusiasm during their classes. Marjon is energetic, which always makes the atmosphere in the classroom very positive, with a good relationship between students and teacher. Moreover, the exercises we do in a class are imaginative and original and very useful to understand grammar and remember the vocabulary. We have learned a lot of Dutch with her, but above all we had a lot of fun!

Giorgia, Italy

Marjon is a talented and creative teacher who understands very well the dynamics of motivating adult students to start and keep learning Dutch. Marjon is always very attentive to her students’ energy levels, especially when having classes after a busy day, and applies different teaching techniques accordingly. Expect moments of focused learning and moments of relaxed and fun activities. Since I arrived to the Netherlands 2 years ago, I had classes with Marjon and I was able to progress from a very basic beginners’ level to a B2 level and I’m now preparing to take the staatsexamen.
Cataria, Portugal