I am an engaged and enthusiastic teacher. I always look how I can introduce my students to the language in the most suitable way possible. For each and every student, I try to find the best way for them to learn and to understand things. I am very patient and flexible and I am a demanding teacher: I like to challenge you. I enjoy discovering together with you what you find important and interesting, and what you need (to improve).


We always agree on the format and content of the classes together. Timing and frequency are flexible, with a minimum of one class per week in principle: if you take classes less often than that, the yield of the classes is much lower. We always do a (free of charge) intake, in which you can tell me what you want, where we discuss the approach to the lessons and where we see if we have a connection. We agree on the method you want to use (or you are already familiar with). Based on that I will compose a lesson plan. In the first lesson, we will discuss that together.

Methods and materials

I am comfortable using various teaching methods and I use a large variety of materials. This includes the internet, motives, articles in magazines, news articles, hobby texts, but we can also work with an existing teaching method / lesson book. Depending on the amount of time you have available I will give you custom homework assignments. I will correct it for you for the next class, so we can discuss it together. You can hand in homework either via email or on paper.

Class times

Times for class are flexible and we will agree on them together. In principle, private lessons will take 1,5 hours. A set day and time is the easiest, but if that’s not possible we will plan the next class at the end of each one. I am flexible – you can almost always reschedule free of charge. Classes are possible to plan during the days as well as in the evenings, yet not on Friday evening and the weekends.


My classroom is equipped with all necessary comforts. Free car parking and bicycle shed are available. Private students I only teach in this classroom. I can teach to groups up until 6 students comfortably in the classroom, but if you want I can teach groups at a location of their discretion as well. Classes through Skype are possible, yet I prefer meeting you face-to-face.


We will frequently discuss whether the lessons are still meeting your expectations. If you want, we can review your progress through progress tests, but often we don’t need to. If you want I can give you a certificate (after at least 10 lessons). An officially recognized diploma is only possible to obtain through taking the “staatsexamen” or the “inburgeringsexamen”.


Prices on request, depending on the number of classes.